Choose a software system that can grow with your business

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A guest post by Dan Fairbain from Ocius Digital.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a number of businesses to implement systems and processes that will assist them to scale – from small companies on single locations, through to organisations across multiple locations and franchises.

Although the general rules are the same when looking at software and systems for different companies, things become more complex for a business with intentions to grow. In this situation, having a business software system in place that allows an expanding business to achieve higher levels of operational performance is essential from the outset.

And it doesn’t just come down to cost – software with the biggest price tag won’t necessarily be the best option for your business.

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Why the Cloud is the future of field services

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Cloud Technology Trade Services

When people think of industries being revolutionised by cloud computing they might consider banking and finance, telecommunications or online entertainment, but what about plumbing?

While hands-on trades may seem a world away from the desk jockeys with computers who are often most associated with using the Cloud, the truth is that Cloud computing is having a much bigger impact on the $15 billion worldwide field services sector than many people realise.

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The evolution of field mobility

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O2 Xda IIi

The early days

I still remember the first time I attempted the implementation of a mobile platform into a business. It was with my then electrical contracting workforce in 2003 using the XDAs. If you can remember, they were an early attempt by Microsoft at a smartphone. Looking back, they were terrible devices to use. You couldn’t take a call without the data dropping out and you had to use an input device that felt like an under-sized pen.

In hindsight, it’s little wonder my techs supplied me with an endless draw full of broken PDAs, each one accompanied by a unique excuse surrounding what had caused their fate. My favorite being “it fell into the toilet boss”.

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Telstra SNP Monitoring appoints simPRO as software provider

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Download: Telstra SNP Monitoring appoints simPRO as software provider.docx 78kb

Leading Australian technology company simPRO has been appointed as the operations management system software provider for the recently announced Telstra SNP Monitoring joint venture.

Under the agreement, simPRO’s Enterprise business management platform will be used to distribute jobs to hundreds of Telstra SNP technicians who install surveillance and security systems for homes and businesses.

simPRO CEO Brad Couper said the appointment was a vote of confidence in the simPRO Enterprise system from two of Australia’s largest and most technically advanced companies.

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